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2017 State Champions

The 2017 football season has come to an end. Six teams were able to attain their goal of winning a state championship. Congratulations to those teams. State Champions Class 1A: Pioneer High School Pioneer defeated Eastern Greene 42-14 Class 2A: Southridge High School Southridge defeated Woodlan 15-14 Class 3A: Evansville Memorial High School Evansville Memorial … Continue reading

State Championship Picks

Only a few state championship games feature teams we selected in our preseason picks from this summer. The last time we picked Ben Davis to win the state championship was in 2014. We believe history will repeat itself in Saturday’s class 6A state championship. Here is a look at our predictions for the slate of … Continue reading

The top 5 ways to “connect” with college coaches

There are many ways to introduce yourself to a college coach, but here are the top 5 ways. Email In today’s world, sending an email is the most efficient way to start a dialogue with a college coach. That being said, it only works if you are contacting appropriate schools. Potential recruits and their parents … Continue reading

Powerhouse Columbus East: Where do they belong?

By now most are aware of the trouncing the Columbus East football team gave Cathedral in last night’s semifinal game, an astounding 42-13 victory. The Olympians will make their second consecutive trip to the class 5A state championship since moving up from class 4A in 2016. They will seek their second title in 5 years … Continue reading

Semi-state Finals Pick – 11/17/17

Four will play, two will stay in each class with the next stop being the Lucas Oil Stadium. Our Picks *Winners in Bold* Penn (11-1) at Carmel (8-4) Avon (10-2) at Ben Davis (12-0) Michigan City (9-3) at Kokomo (8-4) Columbus East (12-1) at Indianapolis Cathedral (7-5) Lowell (13-0) at Fort Wayne Dwenger (10-3) Greenwood … Continue reading

4 Simple Tips for College Recruiting Series – Making Connections

Athletic recruiting is based on building relationships with schools and coaches. As an athlete, you will need to stand out from the crowd. You will want to leave a strong, positive impression on everyone you meet. With a few simple steps, your name will be hard to forget. 1. PERSONALIZE YOUR INTERACTIONS – With personalization, you … Continue reading

The Timeline

Over the last several days, I have had a few conversations from parents seeking this particular subject information. So I decided to post to you all this very important information.. Time is wasting. Please review and let me know if you have any further questions. Parent & Athlete Timeline This is a time line and … Continue reading

If I’m just now getting playing time as a senior, is it too late to get recruited?

Not necessarily, since it’s this late in the game you’ll likely have to do a lot of the footwork on your own! Yes, coaching staffs are offering students earlier and earlier, but signing classes aren’t always finalized until Signing Day, or even later. Coaches may have solid commitments from enough players at your position, so … Continue reading

A Real Discussion…… On Recruiting

Hello, my name is Chris Norris.  Considering that we have been thru quite an experience with the recruiting process with my son Madison, we have learned a significant amount of info on the recruiting game these last few years.  Recruiting is a game of “who you know” and “being at the right place at the … Continue reading

If I’m a freshman on varsity, should I send college coaches my film?

It’s not necessary, as a freshman it’s best to focus your time on developing your position-skills, speed, size and academics. Instead of spending hours reaching out to coaches, put that time into your improvements and give yourself another year to become even better. The recruiting process can be quite time consuming, time that is better … Continue reading