QB Dayne Keller, Castle, 2017 HUDL
QB Cameron Northern, Jeffersonville, 2017 HUDL
QB Zach Summeier, Warren Central, 2017 HUDL
QB Arion Nieves, FW North, 2017 HUDL
QB Chase Andries, Beech Grove, 2017 HUDL
QB Azjai Cooper, Ben Davis, 2017 HUDL
QB Elliot Charlbois, Guerin Catholic, 2017 HUDL
QB Triston Perry, Columbus North, 2017 HUDL

RB Mitchell Burton, Columbus North, 2017 HUDL
RB NiShawn Jones, New Haven, 2017 HUDL
RB Ahrod Lloyd, Park Tudor, 2017 HUDL
RB Cater McGinnis, Guerin Catholic, 2017 HUDL
RB Money Woods, FW Snider, 2017 HUDL

WR Jalen Walker, Carmel, 2017 HUDL
WR Will Michaelis, Hamilton SE, 2017 HUDL
WR Moe Diallo, Merrillville, 2017 HUDL
WR Paul Minor Jr, Warren Central, 2017 HUDL
WR Jesse Brown, Hamilton Heights, 2017 HUDL
WR Cam Wilson, Columbus East, 2017 HUDL

OL Curtis Blackwell, Norwell, 2017 HUDL
OL Bryce Bailey, Castle, 2017 HUDL
OL Aaron Badoux, Pendleton Heights, 2017 HUDL
OL Pompey Coleman, Ben Davis, 2017 HUDL
OL Harry Crider, Columbus East, 2017 HUDL
OL Sam Garvin, Hamilton SE, 2017 HUDL
OL Colin Mullaney, Andrean, 2017 HUDL
OL Jacob Oglesby, Pike, 2017 HUDL
OL Nick Johnson, Portage, 2017 HUDL


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